Welcome to the Melloverse: Party Hard with Marsha, MARSHINOBI, and More in Fortnite

The Fortnite Team

You may have started the party with the Marshmello Outfit, but keep it going by stepping into the Melloverse: bring down the house with the Marsha and MARSHINOBI Outfits plus party favors fit for each! Also, vote for the not-yet-released Marshmello track you want as a future Lobby Track. 💿

Welcome to the Melloverse

From the Welcome to the Melloverse Set, available in the Item Shop starting February 1, 2022, at 7 PM ET, party hard as Marsha and suit up as Mello melee master MARSHINOBI. If you’re the type to turn things up a notch, switch to the Marsha Outfit’s Toasted Style in the Locker. The Melloverse accessories that match Marsha? Keep the party glowing with the Mella Back Bling (sold with the Outfit) and the Mello Glo Pickaxe.

Fortnite Marsha Outfit, Mella Back Bling, and Mello Glo Back Bling

Sold with the MARSHINOBI Outfit is the Shockwave Blades Back Bling, from which you can unsheathe the included The Shockwave Blade Pickaxe!

Fortnite MARSHINOBI Outfit, Shockwave Blades Back Bling, The Shockwave Blade Pickaxe, and Maximum Bounce Emote

Maximum Bounce Emote

It wouldn’t be the Melloverse without music and dancing. With music by Marshmello and dance moves by josh3thousand, break out the Maximum Bounce Emote.

Vote for a Future Marshmello Lobby Track!

The Melloverse will expand. Vote for which unreleased Marshmello track you want as a future Lobby Track! Voting’s already open – head to vote.marshmellomusic.com to choose between two songs from his upcoming album Joytime IV.

And don’t worry: Marshmello was sent an invite to the party. The Marshmello Outfit — as well as more items from the classic Marshmello Set — will be back in the Shop starting February 1 at 7 PM ET! Form a Marshmello-y team with Marshmello, Marsha, and MARSHINOBI. 

Fortnite Marshmello Outfits

Want to see the new Outfits in action before they’re in the Shop? Tune into Marshmello playing Fortnite with the Outfits equipped live on the Amazon Music channel on Twitch starting February 1 at 3 PM ET. Keep an eye on Marshmello’s social channels for who he’ll be playing with!