Zombie Weekend in Fortnite Creative

The Fortnite Team

Grab your friends and get ready for the Zombie Weekend in Fortnite Creative. The PvE fun starts this Friday, May 14 through Sunday, May 16. During this weekend, we’ll be featuring the following maps as LTMs: Outbreak, Survive the City - No Parking, and Containment. 

Given the circumstances, we’re also bringing back some old friends are returning to the Fortnite Item Shop to help deal with this sinister situation. Thanks for the assist, Daryl Dixon and Michonne.

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LTM Lineup  

Here’s a preview of Zombie Weekend’s LTMs....


In Outbreak, Monsters have taken over the city! To survive you’ll need the right equipment. Earn gold by clearing them out and stop by the shop to upgrade your gear. Not enough gold? Look around, you can even find loot! Take on the challenge friends or alone… if you think you can handle it! 

Outbreak 1234-9285-4108 is built by Echo and will be available to play as an LTM or by using the code in Creative.

Survive the City - No Parking

Finding a parking spot is always the hardest--it's even harder when monsters have taken over every lot in the city! Destroy them to earn gold and purchase new gear as you make your way to the drive-in zombie madhouse! Can you survive? 

Survive the City- No Parking 1234-5939-3728 is created by KINGQUILLO and available to play from as an LTM or by entering the code in Creative.


The horde is coming, do all you can to hold them back! You and up to three friends can fight your way through endless waves of creatures, with areas to discover through every door. Can you survive the horde? 

Containment 1234-8751-3949 is created by ACECREATES and will be available to play as an LTM or by entering the code in Creative. 

All three games will be available during the entire weekend. Jump in and play them all to find your favorite!