Battle Pass
Season ends on May 24 @ 2am ET

Myths & Mortals


Unlock supernatural rewards in Fortnite by getting XP in: Creator-Made Islands | Battle Royale | LEGO Fortnite | Rocket Racing | Fortnite Festival

Fortnite - Battle Pass Chapter 5 Season 2

Unlock Olympic Gods Like Artemis and Zeus

Plus more Outfits like the intimidating Cerberus and Medusa! Also, unlock Instruments like “The Underworlder” and put on a divine show.

Zeus Guitar
Zeus Back Bling
Zeus Pickaxe
Zeus Loading Screen
Hades Guitar
Hades Glider
Hades Pickaxe
Hades Loading Screen
Aphrodite Spray
Aphrodite Back Bling
Aphrodite Pickaxe
Aphrodite Loading Screen
Poseidon Spray
Poseidon Back Bling
Poseidon Pickaxe
Poseidon Loading Screen
Artemis Spray
Artemis Back Bling
Artemis Pickaxe
Artemis Loading Screen
Cerberus Spray
Cerberus Back Bling
Cerberus Pickaxe
Cerberus Loading
Medusa Spray
Medusa Back Bling
Medusa Pickaxe
Medusa Loading Screen

Korra, Striving for Balance

The Gods aren't the only ones known for controlling the elements. Starting in April, unlock the Avatar Korra Outfit!

1500 V-Bucks Back

Get the Battle Pass for only 950 V-Bucks and earn up to 1500 V-Bucks by playing. Use them to buy the next Battle Pass or items from the Shop!

Battle Pass Also Available with Fortnite Crew!

Fortnite Crew is the ultimate monthly Fortnite subscription offer. This subscription includes the Battle Pass, 1000 monthly V-Bucks, and a monthly Crew Pack! (The Crew Pack is an Outfit bundle exclusive to Fortnite Crew members that's yours to keep.) As a Bonus Benefit*, Fortnite Crew includes Rocket Pass Premium in Rocket League!

*Bonus Benefits are only guaranteed for the then-current edition of the Fortnite Crew, may not be available to all subscribers on all platforms, and may be changed from month to month, or discontinued.

How It Works
The Battle Pass has pages of in-Fortnite rewards to spend your Battle Stars on. (Earn Battle Stars by leveling up with XP!) Some rewards have a certain level requirement and a requirement of certain rewards already claimed.

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