Fortnite Creative v19.30 Update

The Fortnite Team

The v19.30 update brings the new Fire Volume device, an update to turn any prop into a resource node, along with the HUD controller and new teleport linking options!

Creators, remember the Fortnite Creative Documentation Site is updated every patch with additional details, use cases, and thought starters for newly released and updated devices.  

Game Mode Select Screen Removed

With this week’s v19.30 update, we’ve removed the initial game screen (which appeared on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC) where players would select either Save the World, Battle Royale, or Creative. You’ll now boot up directly into the Lobby, ready to join the party and explore Fortnite!

What does this mean for Creative? You can now find Creative via the “Discover” screen, accessible by clicking on the “CHANGE” button above “PLAY!” Read the Load into the Lobby in Fortnite - Game Mode Select Screen Removed blog.

New: Fire Volume device

After the release of Fire into Creative in the v19.20 update, you asked for more control over the flames - the first iteration of that is now here with the release of the Fire Volume.  With the Fire Volume you can override island-wide fire settings in a localized area, as well ignite or extinguish fires inside the volume via Channels.

Update: Prop Manipulator - Resource Node

We’ve added new features to the Prop Manipulator which allow you to turn any prop into a resource node for any type of resource.  You can choose the type of resource to grant when the prop is hit - including the option to add your own items to the device. (A rock that gives mushrooms when you hit it? Sure, why not?)  You can also choose to have the node restock after a delay or gradually over time.

Update: HUD Controller

The HUD controller now has Team and Class support, allowing you to create different HUD setups for each individual Team and Class, ideal for asymmetric game modes or contextual HUD layouts.  Want to hide the HUD just for players in a specific area? Now you can set everyone in the area to a specific Class and then change the HUD just for them, leaving everyone else in the game unaffected.

Update: Teleporter Linking

Teleporters can now be linked together allowing for two-way travel. This can be used along with randomized teleport targets to create a ‘different every time’ map layout which is random when a player first goes through the teleporter but then remains constant for the rest of the game (or until the link is broken via Channels).

Other Feature Updates

  • Class support has been added to the Beacon device.
  • Added Old Cartoon filter to the My Island Camera Filter settings.

Prefab & Gallery Updates

  • Added the Resources Gallery - A variety of new STW props that work nicely with some of the Consumable Resources.
  • Added some new basketball assets to the Sports Gallery.

Prefab & Gallery Fixes

  • Fixed some collision issues with assets in the Elemental Cube Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue with football goals spawning when destroying the sports fields from the Sports Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue with the ivy, from Princess Castle Tower prefab, giving the wrong resource materials.
  • Fixed an issue with planter props, from The Sanctuary set, with giving no resource materials.

Consumables Updates

  • Added some New Consumables to coincide with the New Resources Gallery.
    • Rainbow Crystal
    • Honey
    • Vindertech Mechanical Parts
    • Blue Mushroom
    • Pink Mushroom
    • Red Mushroom
    • White Mushroom
    • Yellow Mushroom
    • Spectrolite Ore
    • Spectral Twine

Device Fixes

  • Tracker Device
    • Previously if you attempted to add multiplayer players to the tracker simultaneously, only one would get added. This has been fixed.
    • Previously if the tracker goal was reduced, non-instigator players would not be checked to see if they were at the new goal. This has been fixed.
  • Conditional Button 
    • Fixed an issue where the conditional button would not reset if its requirements were only partially completed
  • Barrier Device 
    • Enabling the Barrier while standing inside will no longer push the player under the map
  • Prop Manipulator 
    • Pre Game Only is no longer an available option
    • Resource Depletion transmit on will now transmit correctly
  • Skydive Volume 
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Skydive Volume 'Lock Affected Players in Volume' set to 'Yes' would not apply correctly if the launch velocity was too high 

Island Fixes

  • . Fire will now spread correctly on the grass of the Tropical Island


  • In some cases creative islands could fail to load after entering island rift in Creative HUB
  • Players wearing the bush disguise will take explosive damage 
  • Fixed an issue where Item Granter and Switch Persistence options do not activate "Clear All Player's Data" option when publishing

UI Updates

  • Updated some of the icons for Devices:
    • Customizable Lighting
    • DBNO Device
    • Elimination Manager
    • HUD Controller
    • Race Manager
    • Race Checkpoint
    • Save Point

UI Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Galleries tab was appearing ahead of the Prefabs tab.