Introducing the Recently Released Discover Row in Fortnite

The Fortnite Team
We’re excited to hear the positive feedback from Epic’s Picks in Discover as we continue  to introduce new ways to spotlight Creator content. 
Today, we’d like to welcome the Recently Released row in Discover!

This row will be taking over the previous “Try Something New” section and will open up the ability to creators to submit new content to “Recently Released”. It’s our hope that this new tool will give creators a chance to make their work more visible and accessible to the greater community, as well as give players an opportunity to discover new and unique experiences to enjoy. 

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis and the maps need not meet any specific design criteria. Creators have total creative freedom in what type of content they want to design and submit for this featuring opportunity.


  • You must be a part of the Support A Creator program to qualify for featuring
  • Creators will not have the ability to be featured in Epic’s Picks and Recently Released simultaneously
    • No individual experience may be featured twice in the Recently Released row without a republish and a four week cool off period
  • Creators will be required to submit a changelog for repeat submissions
  • No creator may have more than one experience in the Recently Released row at any given time
  • Creators will not be listed in the Recently Released row more than once every two weeks
  • Creators that attempt to abuse, spam, or misuse the system will be disqualified from Recently Released features in the future.


Use the dropdown option “Recently Released” in the Fortnite Creative Featured Content form.

Please note you will also need to apply to appear in Discover from the Fortnite Discover Submission form.

Remember that all submissions must be original work and must follow the Fortnite Creative featured content guidelines.

What island will you create next? Create and submit yours today!