Race without Limits with Rocket Racing in Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team

The limits? Race past them in Rocket Racing — a supersonic arcade racer with boundary-defying ways to get to the finish! In this new experience in Fortnite, fly through the sky and flip onto walls with rocket-powered cars. Before you start playing, consider this your driver’s manual.

Race ahead:

(All screenshots below are captured from the English language version of Rocket Racing.)

Red, Red, Red, Green! Intro to Rocket Racing

From Rocket League creator Psyonix comes the new arcade racer Rocket Racing! Master your drift, fly, Turbo, and air dodge skills as you race through an ever-growing selection of tracks. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, compete online in ranked or private races.

Rocket Racing in Fortnite

In Rocket Racing Season Zero, put your skills to the test in 26 tracks. Avoid towering obstacles, take shortcuts, and flip onto walls to blast past your competition. This is just the start of the race with new modes, tracks, and more in 2024!

Get in the Car: How to Access Rocket Racing

Where can I find Rocket Racing?

Rocket Racing is a new racing experience that can be found inside of Fortnite!

How do I get Fortnite?

You can either download Fortnite or play Fortnite through cloud gaming.

Want to download Fortnite? You can download Fortnite on:

If you’re playing Fortnite on PC natively, DirectX 12 is the recommended rendering mode in the main Fortnite settings.

Cloud Gaming
With cloud gaming, you can play Fortnite on many phones and computers as long as you have a good internet connection and live in a region supported by the service. Here are the cloud gaming services you can use to play Fortnite:

Rocket Racing Track

Once I have Fortnite, how do I get to Rocket Racing?

Inside Fortnite, scroll down to go to the Discover screen. You’ll see a variety of experiences you can… well… discover! Scroll down to the “By Epic” row and select “Rocket Racing.” No additional download is required.

Can I play Rocket Racing for free?

Yes, you can play Rocket Racing for free!

Which control inputs does Rocket Racing support?

Rocket Racing supports controller, mouse + keyboard, and touch controls (mobile). The recommended control input for Rocket Racing is a controller.

Rocket Racing Track 2

Is split-screen available in Rocket Racing?

Split-screen is currently not available in Rocket Racing.

Rock It, Racing: Rocket Racing Overview

Drift, Fly, Turbo, Air Dodge!

How to drive a rocket-powered car? Here are the four main techniques:

When a sharp turn’s ahead, a well-timed drift can come in clutch. Luckily, Rocket Racing makes basic drifting easy — all you have to do is make a tight turn! Drifting charges up a speed boost, meaning the longer the drift, the longer the boost will be after you straighten out.

Rocket Racing Drift

An even sharper turn ahead? That’s when Rocket Drift comes in! Activate a Rocket Drift by making a tight turn AND holding the Rocket Drift button. Rocket Drifting can give you the edge in competition by getting you ‘round the bend first. Like basic drifting, Rocket Drifting charges up a speed boost the longer it’s activated!

We all experience bumps on the road, but only rocket-powered cars let you fly over them. The roads of Rocket Racing have lots of hazards, and if you hit one, your current speed will slow to make way for passing foes. Avoid hazards by jumping, or holding down the jump button to fly!

Rocket Racing Fly over Hazards

Sometimes there’s the opposite of bumps on the road: no road at all. And sometimes there’s an alternate path. Whatever your reason for flying, you can hold the jump button for a limited time before the jets run out. Try tapping the jump button in short bursts to fly farther, or recharge entirely by touching the ground.

Rocket Racing Fly

Boosting is cool, but how do you go even faster? Going Turbo! All cars in Rocket Racing have a Turbo meter that holds up to three charges. The meter refills over time, and you can make it refill faster by drifting. Use a Turbo immediately or save up all three for a triple Turbo threat!

Rocket Racing Turbo

Air Dodge (“Flip”)
While airborne, air dodge to attach to walls — or ceilings! Pull off an air dodge by indicating a direction while pressing the air dodge button. Once you’re attached, drift and go Turbo!

Rocket Racing Driving on Ceiling

Pull Up to the Starting Line

So now that you’re well-versed in rocket-powered cars, it’s time for a high-octane bid to the finish line. But before you finish the race, you gotta start it! Learn how to start racing below:

Play with Your Party!
Wanna play with your party only? In the track selection, adjust the privacy setting to private to play unranked races against your party members! Private races support parties of up to 12.

Compete in Public Races!
Show your server region who’s #1! Whether you’re playing solo or in a party, adjust the privacy setting to public to play ranked races against opponents not in your party. Public races support parties of up to four.

Choose the Track… or Let the Track Choose You!
All 26 launch tracks support 12 opponents. In an unranked session, it’s up to the party leader to choose the track! All 26 tracks are fair game in unranked, including nine Novice tracks, seven Advanced tracks, and ten Expert tracks. Gauge which difficulty is right for your party!

In a ranked session, the track chooses you. Learn more about ranked play below 🏁

Rocket Racing Shortcut

Race Up the Ranks

With Season Zero comes Season Zero Ranked! Rocket Racing Seasons will have their own Ranked Seasons, meaning when Season 1 releases, Season 1 Ranked will also release.

The Rank Tiers
There are eight rank tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal. Bronze through Diamond have three ranks, while Elite, Champion, and Unreal have one:

  • Bronze
    • Bronze I
    • Bronze II
    • Bronze III
  • Silver
    • Silver I
    • Silver II
    • Silver III
  • Gold
    • Gold I
    • Gold II
    • Gold III
  • Platinum
    • Platinum I
    • Platinum II
    • Platinum III
  • Diamond
    • Diamond I
    • Diamond II
    • Diamond III
  • Elite
  • Champion
  • Unreal

Climb the ranks of Bronze to reach Silver, then climb the ranks of Silver to reach Gold. Do the same in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond to reach Elite! Once you’re Elite, prove you’re a Champion and then finally Unreal.

Rocket Racing Ranked

Reaching Unreal
Once you reach Unreal, you’ll stay in Unreal for that Ranked Season no matter your performance in future races. But that doesn’t mean you’re done when you reach Unreal! Upon reaching Unreal, you’ll be given a number signifying your standing among Unreal players globally. Continue doing well in ranked to raise your number and be among the best players in the world! Keep track of your position on the Unreal leaderboard.

The Ranked Journey
Let’s shift to reverse and talk about the journey to Unreal. In ranked play, climb the ranks to unlock more tracks! Once you reach Diamond, you’ll have access to all tracks in ranked.

If you’re playing solo, you’ll be matched against opponents of the same or similar rank as you. If you’re playing in a party of more than one, you’ll be matched against opponents of the same or similar rank of the highest-ranked party member. You’ll also have access to the same number of tracks as the highest-ranked party member.

Rank Reset
At the start of a new Ranked Season, everyone’s rank will reset to provide a fresh start for all players. Your beginning rank will depend on your finishing rank in the prior Season. Go full-throttle in the current Season for a good start in the next one!

Rocket Racing Launch

Car Customization and Cross-Game Ownership

Take your favorite Rocket League cars on new adventures! All players have a Locker in Fortnite, and in the “Cars” section you can equip a car to use in Rocket Racing. 

A Fortnite Car consists of three types of Locker items: Car Bodies, Decals, and Wheels. If you own the Octane, Cyclone, Jäger 619, or Lamborghini Huracán STO Car Bodies in Rocket League, you also own them in your Fortnite Locker! You also own certain Decals and Wheels you may own in Rocket League. Just make sure you’re playing Fortnite with the same Epic Games account you use to play Rocket League.

Fortnite Cyclone

Leave caution to the wind with Cyclone.

With a Car Body and Wheels, you have all you need for a Car. All players have the OEM Wheels in their Locker right now! But what if you don’t own the Octane, Cyclone, Jäger 619, or Lamborghini Huracán STO Car Bodies? 

No worries — if you don’t have a Car Body in your Locker, you can jump into a Rocket Racing race with a preselected one. And just by completing your first Rocket Racing race before March 26, 2024 ET, you’ll unlock the Octane Car Body for your Locker! 

Fortnite Octane

Octane, a true classic.

Even if you don’t play Rocket League, you can add even more Car items to your Locker. 

Car items will be available via bundles in the Fortnite Shop, purchasable for V-Bucks. The Cyclone and Jäger 619 Bundles are in the Shop right now for Rocket Racing’s launch! Purchase either bundle in Fortnite to own its contents in Rocket League. Just make sure you’re playing Rocket League with the same Epic account you use to play Fortnite.

Fortnite Jäger 619

Race on the speedway in style with Jäger 619.

More Car Bodies, Decals, and Wheels will support cross-game ownership in the future, so make regular pit stops to your Locker to see what you may have from Rocket League! Car Bodies, Decals, and Wheels grant no competitive advantage.

Before we forget, you can unlock more than just Octane by playing Rocket Racing. By completing the Play 10 Rocket Racing races Quest, you’ll unlock the Dieselback Pack Back Bling, and by completing the Reach Gold rank in Rocket Racing Quest, you’ll unlock the Jackie Outfit! Outfits and Back Blings are Locker items that can be used in other experiences inside Fortnite. These two Quests will be available until March 26, 2024 ET.

Season Zero and the Future

Season Zero’s not even the starting line for Rocket Racing! Exciting updates are boosting in soon, including speed run leaderboards, further customization options, creator-made tracks, and Season 1 planned for early 2024. Get your head start in Season Zero so you’ll be revved and ready for the leaderboards!

The green light has flashed — break the rules of the road now in Rocket Racing.